About Us

"The Dream X" is born with the passion to become a key end to end technology consulting services and solutions provider. We serve Enterprises and Government administrations in their Digital Transformation using Augmented, Virtual and Mixed reality combined with Analytics and Artificial intelligence, Enterprise Mobility, API Enablement and Web Applications. Our unique value proposition is our Digital Transformational approach with Intelligent Extended reality and the integration of workflow with Enterprise Cloud systems.

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Xtended Reality

A mixed Reality integrated mobile application which enable users to plan, execute and monitor all activities involved in reactive and planned preventative ...

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Mobile Applications

Mobility is entering mainstream information technology (IT) as enterprises look at mobility as a key enabler for their business process automation ...

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Web Applications

Our Web application builds on and extends a Web system to add business functionality. By focusing on speed, social dimension mobile-optimized ...

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3D Studios

Our 3D design services bring a fresh 3D visualization experience to your concepts, designs and products. Specializing in professional 3D graphics ...

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Why DreamX?

  •  Over 8+ years in XR  
  •  International Clientele  
  •  Cutting Edge Technology  
  •  Consulting on customized profitable ‘Business solutions’  
  •  Longitude of industrial experiences  


  • DreamX is very enthusiastic and very passionate about what they do!
    They have been very flexible in their approach and easy to do business with

    • CEAT tyres
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  • "We sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability you had for the application developed in the VR technology. We are very much excited about our new partnership and wanted to welcome to be a part of our extended family"

    • GGS
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  • We approached ‘The Dream X’ to work in an AR project. For our problem statement, they had the perfect approach and went as much as spending much time on our concern as much as us. They have truly in the sense gone out of their way to help us. What was most noticeable was the team work and the infusion of basic analytics into the solution which added more advantage for us.

    • CEO - Win Win Web
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  • Working with ‘The Dream X’ has created a huge impact on our ideas and possibilities of AR & VR and their approach right from the demo was to the point, innovative and an eye opener. We were greeted with a team that gave us the best possible suggestions to solutions that would suit us and worked diligently towards achieving the same. The experience was really effective and professional.

    • CEO - 361 Degree Mind
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