Xperience The Dream

Augmented & Virtual Reality
Roles And Responsibilites
  •  Develops and creates immersive experiences in Unity 3D to be packaged for custom client interactive virtual experiences.  
  •   Develops interactions for product demos and virtual tours within the unity environment and C# programming.  
  •   Optimize 3D models (baking, mesh optimization, LODs) for viewing in VR.  
  •   Works creatively with clients to brainstorm new interactive experiences with current and evolving virtual reality/augmented reality devices coming to market  
  •   Manages, organizes and creates code and related databases in a secure and well-documented manner utilizing our GitHub procedures  
  •   Handles mobile app deployment for possible multiplayer experiences  
  •   Stays current on the latest related technologies.  
  •   Collaborates with team of assorted technology design professionals to deliver best-in-class products  
  •   Develops workflow experience with repositories such as Git. 
  •   Performs other duties as assigned  
  •   Experience with Unreal is a plus.  
Skills :
  •   Unity and C# programming  
  •   AR,VR,MR experience and knowledge  
  •   Knowledge on 3D Studio Max  
  •   3D Modeling s/w experience for asset import and export  
  •  AR - Experience in ARkit,ARcore & Vuforia 
  •   VR - Mobile VR(Windows,Daydream,Samsung gear,card board,etc.), HTC vive, Oculus rift  
  •   MR - Microsoft HoloLens  
  •   Some server experience for multiplayer and basic understanding for basic asset management required(3ds Max & Other Autodesk s/w)  
Job Description

Total Exp: 3+ Yrs

Roles And Responsibilites
  •  Integration of user-facing elements developed by front-end developers  
  •   Build efficient, testable, and reusable PHP modules  
  •   Solve complex performance problems and architectural challenges.  
  •   Integration of data storage solutions (may include databases, key-value stores, blob stores, etc.)  
  •   Good knowledge of relational databases, version control tools and of developing web services  
  •   Experience in common third-party APIs (Google, Facebook, Ebay etc)  
  •  Passion for best design and coding practices and a desire to develop new bold ideas  
Skills :
  •   Write “clean”, well-designed code  
  •   Follow industry best practices  
  •   Proficient in PHP, MySQL, Angular, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery  
  •   Strong knowledge in NoSQL databases.  
  •  Experience with PHP MVC frameworks ( CodeIgniter, Laravel etc.)  
  •   Knowledge of API's, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google maps etc  
  •  Experience with building restful JSON web services