Extended Reality with its ability to fully immerse the user in a simulated environment is a natural fit for medicine. This makes way to revolutionizing treatment and therapy, improving quality while cutting costs, and reducing risk during procedures. Healthcare offers a number of unique cases that can be leveraged by both VR and AR.

Pain relief

AR/VR can help people suffering from chronic pain by reducing stress and taking their mind off of the pain. This, in turns, shortens the length of the patient’s stay in the hospital, which also lowers the costs of care. Phantom pains aren’t usually responsive to traditional pain killers but “virtual mirror therapy” diminishes the threat response that causes pain and fixes brain incongruities by providing motion and visual-based experiences. A recent meta-analysis showed that patients while exploring virtual environments felt less pain than 82% of those who didn’t take any measures to reduce pain.

Mental Trauma

The form of trauma treatment is one of the most crucial aspect of dealing with mental trauma and that paves way to extended reality trauma solutions which that allows patients to practice how to move their fingers or lift their arms in a fun fashion. Although patients do not carry out the actual movement, their engagement, motivation, and attention is notably improved with audio-visual feedback, which could speed the recovery of traumatized nervous systems. This system helps patients gradually get rid of their fears, stress, or depression by virtually putting them in stressful situations in a controlled environment and enabling them to face their fears and learn to fight them.

Doctor Aid

For a physician, a technological aid to virtually represent a part of the body, demonstrate in detail the affected region and it’s malfunctioning could prove to be very handy to openly explain an ailment to a patient and the patient to understand his body. The doctor aid solution would also help train doctors for surgeries by throwing different situations at him virtually & also view other live surgeries and learn from them or assist the doctors.