Human Resource

As a company, there is a set competition for the product or service. Unlike for competition of human resources. What makes people want to join you? Which Employee Value proposition can you offer? The famous saying, your first impression is the last., so why not make it last? Your induction is the first formal feel. We also experience drop out rates to be high in the first few days. Are we drying up our options? Well, VR/AR to the rescue !!

AR Boarding

When a new joiner comes, there is fear of filling up multiple documents as this generation has lots to see in their mobile. So what if we ask them to use their phone to fill it up? Our ARBoarding solution helps with paperless and hassle free documentation.


Most organizations seek to make a ‘Wow’ factor when they get new employees on board. Nothing better than D-Induct. Our solution using AR can simply be in mobile application talking about the history and journey of our company with simple picture put up in a room, the application can play videos or give more written information. Another exciting feature can be the addition of a couple of senior management record videos that can be seen using this application seeming like they(Senior management) are standing in front of you.

Because induction process are different depending on companies, we can offer almost any customization on this.


Digi-walker is a VR solution that allows a digital walk through of the office and or factory. When office spaces seem too big to explain or too risky factory floors, this can be a perfect alternative. This set up can also be used to potential employee (candidates) that come physically for interviews. This will show them the kind of organization they are working for and the place they can be possibly working in.