VR application in training has been widely used and considered as an advanced method of teaching manufacturing skills and processes to employees. Using cutting-edge VR technology, training takes place in a realistic, simulated version of the actual facility, complete with the actions, sights, and sounds of the plant floor. VR-based training is an option where it is difficult, dangerous, expensive, or impossible to use various real types of training. Such training is also appropriate where there is a large number of employees, where the employees are distributed over a large area, or when it is important that employees get consistent training no matter when or where they take it. There are some skills that are learned better by experiencing realistic settings than from a lecture, demonstration, or book. Optimal training occurs when each employee is allowed complete access to the entire facility. VR-based manufacturing training duplicates an entire continuous manufacturing process, giving each trainee their own factory to learn in.


ESHM(Environmental Health and Safety Measures)is an immersive product of Dream X that creates awareness among the employees internally regarding Environmental Health and safety measures. The product induces a strong sense of virtual presence on how employees must react and respond during the emergencies such as fire, natural disasters and manmade disaster. Using virtual reality, EHSM induces a learning which is synthesized involving senses just beyond a cognitive overload.

Machine Training

“Manufacturing Training” is an AR VR MR solution will help all collar employees to get training digital way with step by step procedures how to handle the machineries. This solution will help employees to earn knowledge about the machines and operating procedure before handling it with the real model. Simulations in virtual model will help the employees to increase their retention rate where that will be mirrored in the productivity.